Wood Chipper X13 motion | Wood Chippers SKARPER®

wood chipper
X13 motion

Max. power
13  HP
Maximum branch diameter
90  mm
Wood chip production
5  m3/h
  • Designed for push/pull operations which easily fit into the van and go through any standard garden gate.
  • Intended for demanding users with limited budget.
  • Available only for the X13 model.


SKARPER® X-SERIES™ professional compact wood chippers are meticulously engineered for outstanding performance with minimal operator effort. These machines are designed to not only save you time and energy but also to elevate your wood chipping experience. Going beyond industry standards, our exceptional wood chipper delivers unmatched speed, power, durability, versatility, safety and some cutting-edge features you will find nowhere else, transforming every aspect of your wood chipping tasks.

Key Features:

1. Unmatched Power and Speed: Our wood chipper is an industry powerhouse, boasting unparalleled speed and power. It effortlessly transforms branches, twigs, and brush into valuable wood chips at record-breaking rates.

2. Rugged Stainless Steel Construction: Built for longevity, our chipper incorporates everlasting stainless steel components, ensuring durability and resistance to wear and tear, guaranteeing years of reliable use.

3. Tool-Less Maintenance: Say goodbye to time-consuming maintenance procedures. Most common maintenance tasks are tool-less, making it the chipper with the fastest and easiest upkeep in its class.

4. Highly Modular and Robust Zinc-Plated Frame: Our chipper boasts a highly modular and robust zinc-plated frame, empowering owners to mount an extensive array of add-ons. Customize your chipper to your exact needs and conquer diverse tasks with ease.

5. Robust and Ergonomic Design: The feed hopper is constructed with robust materials, featuring a low feeding height for ergonomic and comfortable operation.

6. Premium Components: We exclusively use the best parts from world-leading companies in the sector, ensuring the highest quality and performance standards.

7. Custom Engine and Chassis Selection: Tailor your chipper precisely to your requirements by selecting from five different engine options and three chassis configurations. Swap engines and chassis to adapt to various project demands.

8. Largest Feed Hopper Opening in its Class: Our wood chipper features the largest feed hopper opening in its class, simplifying the loading process and enhancing efficiency.

9. Latest Safety Standards: Committed to safety, our chipper meets the latest safety standards, providing you with peace of mind while operating the machine.

10. Perfect Stability: Enjoy perfect stability during operation, ensuring precise and efficient wood processing tasks.

Tech specs


X-SERIES Motion chassis
  • Designed for push/pull operations which easily fit into the van and go through any standard garden gate.
  • Intended for demanding users with limited budget.
  • Available only for the X13 model.
Chassis version
Chassis type
Wheel drive
13 HP
Maximum branch diameter
90 mm
Wood chip production
5 m3/h
Honda GX390
Fuel system
389 cm3
Max. power
8.7 kW
Maximum rpm
3600 / min
Fuel tank type
Fuel tank capacity
6.1 l
1.34 gal
Engine start
Transport dimensions (L x W x H)
1465 x 858 x 1284 [mm]
57.68 x 33.78 x 50.55 [inch]
Operation dimensions (L x W x H)
1773 x 858 x 1680 [mm]
69.8 x 33.78 x 66.14 [inch]
235 kg
518.09 lbs
Feeding height
730 mm
Discharge height
1660 mm
Feed hopper opening (W x H)
745 x 730 [mm]
29.33 x 28.74 [inch]
Chipping blades
Counter blade
Chipping rotor width
432 mm
Optional equipment
Winch PRO system
Spout extension 30 cm
Accessory holder with 10 liter fuel can
Accessory holder with 20 liter fuel can
Accessory holder with waterproof 12 Litre case PRO
Rear fuel can holder with 10 liter fuel can
Rear fuel can holder with 20 liter fuel can
Supplementary lashing points (2 pcs)

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